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A Colorful Trip down A Tree Plantation

A Colorful Trip down A Tree PlantationThe colorful trees during fall are definitely one of the best subjects of artwork. It can be captured in pictures or used as an inspiration in your next painting work. As a traveler, a variety of shades around me is a look of paradise in itself.

In my most recent travel escapade, I visited a family-run tree plantation. The first thing I noticed as I entered the place is the very cool ambiance. It was simply indescribable. You know that feeling when you are in a very serene please when all you could notice is that fresh, clean feeling and the beauty of the surrounding.

I was in awe the whole time I was walking around and my curiosity started to get into my nerves so I ask the people around a few questions. I asked them how many varieties of trees are they planting and of course I asked them to give me the very basic tree planting tips. It was then that I realized that growing trees is never as easy as ABC. It requires so much effort and to a certain degree, a certain level of expertise.

I was thinking as I walk along the multi-colored display of trees that if the vacant spaces around us will be planted with these trees, it could entirely bring a change in the atmosphere. It could set our mood and make it brighter each day and give us a comforting feeling.

In Canada, a country with a vast territory where almost half of the land area is forested, the relatively low population is enjoying a picturesque view of the massive line of trees spread across the country. This country is also one of the world’s leading exporters of timber trees and there are a lot of tree plantations where you can choose different kinds of trees that you want for your back or front yard. The next time I get in touch close to nature, I will move some of it closer to home.

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