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Avoiding Common Landscaping Mistakes

Homeowners tend to have grand ideas about how their garden’s landscape should look like. Their ultimate goal is usually to become the landscaping star in the neighborhood. But these dreams about having a great garden are often shattered when the homeowner commits at least one of the common landscaping mistakes. Before you start working on your landscaping design, it would help if you know what these costly and time consuming mistakes are.

Typical Mistakes to Take Note Of

If you know what landscaping mistakes to avoid, you will save money and enjoy your beautiful yard more instead of working on it for a long time. Homeowners should be wary of the following mistakes:

Choosing the wrong shrubs and trees. In choosing trees and shrubs to plant in your property, make sure to pick only those varieties that won’t grow too big. Otherwise, they might overcrowd your property, hiding the other elements of your landscaped yard. And the larger the plants are, the more effort you’ll need to maintain them. Choose plants that are easier to prune at a certain size, something that an expert can help you with.
Planting non-native plants. Native plants are already acclimated, so they can endure even the worst weather in the area. It’s not practical to take care of plants that require a lot of water if you live in an area exposed to droughts.

Landscaping without a plan. Landscaping is more than just planting trees, shrubs, and grasses around your property. You need to find the right location for your trees, especially when they might grow to have extensive roots that reach deep into the ground.

Being too ambitious with a wide lawn. Too much lawn might be beautiful to look at, but it’s also too expensive to maintain. The lack of trees also makes the lawn vulnerable to the summer sun. If you end up over watering the lawn, this might damage the root systems and increase your water bills significantly. But you can find the right balance between lawn grass and trees with the help of expert landscapers.

Hiring Professional Landscapers

You can avoid these landscaping mistakes altogether if you hire professional landscapers. They can help you plan, choose the right plants, and create the right design for your landscape.

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