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Do you need to have a Green Thumb to Grow Great Trees?

I remember my mother saying that she doesn’t have a green thumb and it is my father who is fortunate enough to have that gift. As I was growing up, I thought that your ability to grow plants, trees and shrubs is an innate God-given talent. However, I was wrong all along. Though we can’t discount the fact that there are really people who are more inclined to planting or gardening and there are also people who are more experienced and knowledgeable in that field.

Do you need to have a Green Thumb to Grow Great Trees?Green thumb is an expression that is often used to describe a person that has exceptional skill for gardening or growing plants successfully. They are these people who do not only have affinity or inclination in growing plants but also an extraordinary talent to grow the greens to fullness.

The question now is, do you need to have a green thumb to grow the trees you wish to have in your front or backyard? The answer is NO.

Though there are so many essential things that you should learn in growing trees, having a green thumb is certainly not one of the most important elements. It is true that planting a tree does not only involve digging a hole and putting the tree you bought recently. It requires a great deal of thorough planning, regular pruning and proper spacing among others. It also requires the proper nutrient management. You have to make sure that the nutrients from soil are absorbed by the trees. After planting, you have to make sure that it gets the right amount of water and food that it needs.

Most trees would develop more if they get extra nutrients from plant fertilizers. In this case, you may have to consult a professional to guide you in choosing the kind of fertilizers that suits your plant needs. Knowing all this, you don’t actually need a green thumb. All you need is the right information on how to take care and nourish your greens.

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