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Do you want to have a break? Try a Windbreak

Do you want to have a break? Try a WindbreakNobody wants his or her efforts in taking care of trees and plants to be blown by the wind. I mean what a waste! As much as possible, you wouldn’t want the forces of nature put an end to what you worked hard for, be it a house, a thing or a plant that you nurtured. Strong winds could blow away the trees and shrubs in your house or in your small plantation. You sure don’t want it to happen. So if you want to have a break, try a windbreak.

According to sources “windbreaks are plantings of single or multiple rows of trees or shrubs that are established for one or more environmental purposes.” In general, the purpose of windbreaks is to minimize the speed of the wind by changing the path of the wind. Windbreaks have the ability to put into halt a huge percentage of wind from coming in and force it over a tree line. The wind may also pass around the ends of the windbreak forcing the wind to take a different course.

Apart from driving the wind away buildings, homes, livestock, fruits and vegetable crops, windbreaks also have energy-saving property. It provides a comfortable shade to plants and establishments nearby during the hot summer season and it keeps the area warm in snowy winter because it drives the wind away making it harder to penetrate the insides of the house. It also protects areas along the road from snow build-up thereby diminishing the risks of road mishaps in this particular season. This special way of growing trees does not only shield adverse climactic conditions but it can also be a haven to wildlife.

Considering all the positive aspects mentioned above, there is still much to consider in having a windbreak also known as hedge. The kind of trees or plants to plant and the spacing from major establishments are crucial. However, it is an interesting choice to break free.

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