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Facts about the Most Resourceful Trees to Grow in Canada

Growing trees as a business or for profit can be a great part-time job, especially if you love plants and outdoors environment. Trees are an important renewable resource that can be grown in all kinds of spaces. Profitable trees are usually those that have high buyer demand and are easy to grow. You can also grow a tree because of its fruits or nuts. The largest group of clients who buy highly valued trees are lobbyists, landscapers and homeowners. Trees that grow in Canada can be distinguished as either deciduous or coniferous tree. Deciduous trees, or hardwoods, often shed their leaves during autumn but maintain their foliage year round.

Facts about the Most Resourceful Trees to Grow in Canada

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Deciduous trees are often graded according to size at the tree nurseries. Coniferous trees, or Evergreen trees, are best purchased in bare-root seedlings for easy planting. There are over 600 species of coniferous trees around the world; approximately 30 species of these trees are native to Canada. British Columbia and other western provinces are home to about 25 species of coniferous tree. The trees include Pine, Spruce, Douglas fir, Cypress, Yew, Hemlock, Juniper and True fir. Most growing stocks of Coniferous trees are tall and older; one of the oldest trees is the Bristlecone Pine which can live up to 5000 years. The tallest is the Coast Redwood that can grow up to 100m tall.

Evergreen Trees

Products made from coniferous trees include furniture, anti cancer drugs, paper and a host of lumber products. On the downside, the benefits that accrue from these softwoods have placed them in serious danger as a result of destruction of habitat, exploitation and forest degradation. In most coniferous trees, the stages of pollination, seed development and fertilization occur in a single growing season beginning from spring through to autumn. Tree such as pines often experience a one year delay between fertilization and seed developments. For this reason, the reproductive cycle extends to two growing seasons. The seeds of most coniferous trees are dispersed by wind, although rodents such as squirrels also play a part.

Evergreen and Shade Trees in GTA

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Evergreen trees sold in Toronto area come in varying sizes, with most ranging between 6 to 30 feet tall. The most popular varieties are the Spruce and Pine trees such as Norway spruce, White spruce, Colorado spruce, Colorado blue spruce, White Pine and the Serbian Spruce. The White Pine tree grows very fast and is highly distinctive because of its long green needles. This tree is great if you want to create a privacy screen. The Colorado Spruce, on the other hand, is a highly useful hardy tree that can act as a hedge or wind breaker. The graceful and fast growing Norway spruce tree is easily recognized by its leafy branches.

Shade trees such as the Maple tree are great for landscaping because they can help enhance the look of your outdoor environment. The best shade trees to grow in your yard include Sugar Maple, Native Red Maple, Autumn Maple tree, Royal Red Maple and Shademaster Honey Locust. The Autumn Blaze Maple tree is a cross between a Silver and Red Maple tree. The leaves of this fast growing tree usually turn orange and red in fall. The Shademaster Honey Locust tree has an irregular vase shape with upright branches. This tree provides beautiful light shades. Silver Maple is a fast growing tree that is popular with homeowners and landscapers.

Buying Trees in GTA

There are many types of trees that you can grow in your backyard to enhance the look and value of your property. Evergreen and shade trees are ideal in both landscaping and reforestation. One company that has been at the forefront of distributing these highly valuable trees in Central and Southern Ontario is Caledon Treeland. Caledon Treeland is a family run tree farm that offers a great selection of evergreen and shade trees, in addition to undertaking tree moving services. Customers also enjoy 1-year warranty and volume discount on purchases. To get in touch with Caledon Treeland, call 905-880-1828 today.

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