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The Root of the Matter: Garden Tree Removal

Step into Spring by Completing These Landscaping Projects

When first approaching a home or property, one of the first things we see is the garden. The shape of the garden plays an important role in first impressions. If you just bought a house with a neglected garden, chances are redoing it will be a priority.


Tree Moving Toronto

One of the most difficult tasks in gardening is transplanting. Even if it’s just a small shrub or a large tree, this kind of work has to be done properly. Otherwise, you may kill an expensive or beautiful plant. Smaller growths are easier to transplant (especially compared to a tree). To get the best results, consult a professional arborist in Toronto areas.

Why Move a Tree/Shrub?

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There are many reasons to transplant something. The growth could be too close to the house, or it is getting too much or too little sun. Root damage to the foundation or plumbing is a big motivator to move a plant. Sometimes people just don’t like a particular type of tree and want it changed for another in the same spot. Whatever the reason, transplanting always requires some pre-planning. Ask yourself:

  • Where do I want a tree on the property?
  • What are its sunlight and water requirements?
  • Should I separate trees that need lots of water from those that prefer drier soil?
  • How big a hole do I dig to minimize root shock?
  • Before uprooting a tree, how far do I dig from its base?

If all these questions seem overwhelming, the pros at Caledon Treeland can put your mind at ease. Tree removal can be difficult and dangerous; we’re happy to give you a reasonable estimate for our services and take care of everything, leaving you a clean yard and no ugly stumps left behind. Please call us today at (905) 880-1828; we’ll make sure your trees and shrubs are rooted in the right places.

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