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Looking for Trees for Sale in the GTA? Welcome to Caledon Treeland

 Fences can only be as high as 8 feet tall by law, however trees can provide a privacy screen of up to 25 feet. Fences and gates are limited in their size and can only reach a certain height. Trees also add immense value and esthetic beauty to your landscape. Caledon Treeland offers a good selection of trees for sale in the GTA area. For a catalogue of tree types please go to the sections on evergreens and deciduous trees.


Spruce Tree Colorado

A beautiful Colorado Blue Spruce


The best place to look for trees for sale in the GTA

Why buy trees from Caledon Treeland? For starters we have the largest and best selection of trees for sale in the GTA. We offer a good selection of shade trees and evergreen trees. Shade trees add beauty and variety to your landscape. Imagine going to your backyard and relaxing under a nice beautiful shade tree. Sugar Maples and Autumn Blaze maples are some of our more popular tree types due to their magnificent red fall colour. Evergreen trees remain green all year round and provide privacy and beauty to your property. Colorado blue spruce are one of our more popular varieties of evergreen trees. Feel free to visit our GTA area tree nursery and see our selection. In addition to the Maples and Spruce mentioned above we carry Linden, Oak, Locust, Norway spruce, Colorado spruce, Serbian spruce, White pine and more.

Autumn Blaze Maple

A group of beautiful red Autumn blaze maple


Your best decision for trees for sale in the GTA

Our family owned and operated tree farm has everything you could possibly look for when shopping for a tree. We have a variety of evergreen and shade trees at our nursery and have been in landscaping since 1989. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will gladly show you around and help you choose the tree which suits your needs the best. Call (905)-880-1828 to make an appointment today and let us help you find your tree.

Experienced tree planters and sellers

With over 25 years of experience in the tree business we take pride in our customer’s satisfaction and doing the job right. Come and see our beautiful tree farm today.

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