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If you like to move it, Move it

Do you wish to do landscaping works in your front yard to give a fresh new look? Did you ever feel anxious about having to move an old tree to another place to give way for small trees and shrubs?

I have been planning to restructure my front yard to give it a picture perfect look. However, there is an old tree that seems to occupy a very big space thus blocking the entire view. I wish to move it at a corner in our yard to make room for newly planted trees and shrubs. However, I am worried that in my attempt to give my garden a face lift, it would cause the death of a treasured tree.

If you like to move it, Move itI have read from many books and magazines that transplanting trees and shrubs doesn’t seem so easy. Many trees and plants die once transplanted. However, some flourish when transplanted. It is thus important to observe the right ways to move it.

First, determine the tree to transplant.

You have to consider the size of the tree. There are trees that can be moved without having to dig a solid root ball those having one inch or less in diameter. You may also consider the age of the tree. Those that are three to four years old may be transplanted with its bare roots however, older trees had to be dug and the root balls solid upon transplanting. The plants root system is essential to consider in moving the tree.

Second, look for the right location

Look for the right place to transfer your tree. Consider the space and make sure it is big enough to accommodate the roots of an old tree. It is advised that it should be times three in diameter compared to its old ground.

Third, dig, dig and dig

Dig before you move the tree. The size should be big enough to fully cover the roots.

Fourth, prune the tree before you move it

Pruning is a must before transplanting the tree. It is not only practical but essential. The roots are lessened when moved thus it can no longer feed many branches.

Fifth, consider proper timing

Think of the best time to move the tree. There are trees such as deciduous trees are best moved in the cold season while evergreens can be moved at any time of the year.

Lastly, ask the experts.

If you are not sure, or your tree is so huge that you think you need a vehicle to pull it up and move it, then you have to call the tree movers. There is certainly no better way to do it.

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