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Six Things You Should Know About Pine Trees

There are over 125 varieties of pine trees in the world

Some Interesting Facts About Pine Trees You Never Knew

Official lists compiled by botanical societies recognize 126 official types of pine trees in the world. There are also approximately 35 species that have yet to be officially categorized. That’s a lot of different kinds of pine trees! When you find pine trees for sale, they’re likely to be of only a few species, like Ponderosa Pine, Mountain Pine, Red Pine, or Eastern White Pine.

Pine trees can get really big.

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The biggest pine tree in the world is an 82-meter tall Ponderosa Pine in the Rogue River- Siskiyou National Forest in Oregon. The smallest pine trees are barely more than shrubs, and sometimes are only 3 meters tall. You can expect pine trees for sale at your local supplier to grow between 2.5 to 8 meters tall.

Pine trees are an important part of human development

Since prehistoric times, mankind has used pine trees to survive. It’s speculated that Neanderthals used pine trees, and especially pine cones, to keep fires burning. In the 19th century, we learned how to make lots of products from pine tree sap, like soaps, glues, cough syrup, and turpentine. To this day, pine trees are the primary source of paper and construction lumber in the world. The Loblolly Pine is especially prized for its fast growth rate and the high quality of paper it produces.

Pine trees can help you survive

Pine tree bark is actually rich in vitamins, and lost explorers have survived to be rescued by eating pine bark. You can also brew a nutritious (but not very delicious) tea from pine needles and pine cones. These properties are so well-known that pine trees are seen as ‘survival trees’ by wilderness enthusiasts.

Pine trees can grow just about anywherwhite pine - caledon treelande in the world.

Pine trees are native to the Northern hemisphere, and occur naturally across the world. They have been introduced to other climates, though, and have performed very well. In some cases, they have thrived to the degree that they’re beginning to be considered an invasive species. In North America, pine trees are well-adapted to the climate, and when you find pine trees for sale, you can expect them to be star performers in your yard.

Pine trees are one of the “Three Friends of Winter”

Hundreds of years ago, the Chinese noticed that three plants did not decline in the winter time: bamboo, plum, and pine trees. This became an important concept in Asian culture, and the Three Friends of Winter came to symbolize perseverance, endurance, and fortitude. The three plants are highly valued in Confucianism, and are part of the ideal of a gentleman scholar.

Six Things You Should Know About Pine Trees

Pine trees are an important part of our world, and provide many benefits to us. Now that you know more about the history of pine trees, you can appreciate their beauty and usefulness even more. Caledon Treeland is a good source for pine trees that you will enjoy for years.

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