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Some Interesting Facts About Pine Trees You Never Knew

Some Interesting Facts About Pine Trees You Never Knew

Pine trees are a well known species of trees that have long been used by people for a variety of purposes such as landscaping and timber harvesting. Their bold color makes them great for landscaping and their hardiness makes them ideal for planting in climates where other trees won’t survive. They are also used for many other practical purposes ranging from shipbuilding, as a source of food, decorations and furniture. You probably already are familiar with pine trees, but we bet that you will learn something interesting and exciting by reading some lesser known facts below.

What You Never Knew About Pine Trees

Pine trees are a well distributed species of trees. They are found all over the northern hemisphere. There are 115 different kinds of pine trees that are classified into 3 groups based on their leaf color, size and shape, and the kinds of cones and seeds they bear. Pines are very hardy and can be found in temperate and subtropical climates all over the northern hemisphere. They can survive up to 13,000 feet in elevation, and are found in many mountain ranges and peaks. The trees thrive in acidic and well drained soils.

The size of pine trees varies greatly by species. Some species grow to a length of only 10 feet, while some can tower at over 245 feet in length. The average length of a typical pine tree is about 147 feet. Pine tree crowns can be as wide as 30 feet across. As an evergreen tree, pines never shed their leaves. Their leaves remain green year round. The vast majority of pines have thick and scaly bark that bleeds resin. Resin is a sticky material that helps the pine heal. It is also highly flammable.

Pines propagate through the production of cones. Each pine tree produces both male and female cones. Wind carries pollen from the male cones to the female cones. After being fertilized by the male pollen, the female cone begins to change color and harden before bearing seeds. Pine tree seeds are dispersed by the wind and are eaten by birds, rodents and many other animals including people. Pine nuts, which are really the seeds of the pine tree are often roasted or baked and eaten as a snack.

Some Interesting Facts About Pine Trees You Never Knew

Christmas trees are really pine trees. Due to the fact that they remain green year round and are very hardy, they are used during the Christmas holiday. Their strength allows them to be able to handle all manner of decorations. Pine trees can live up to several hundred years to up to several thousand years depending on the species of the tree.

Caledon Treeland has been a trusted supplier of fine trees including pine trees for many years in the Toronto area. They have young pine seedlings ready to be planted in a garden, and adult trees that can be easily transplanted for landscaping purposes. Christmas trees are available during the holiday season. Call 905-880-1828 for more information or to schedule a visit to Caledon Treeland.

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