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Space for My Greens

When a person is deliberating on designing a tree canopy, most often than not, she will be bombarded with these questions.

Space for My GreensDoes the intended planting space wide enough for a mature tree and its roots? Is the design safe and efficient? Is it safe? Does it add to the overall aesthetic appeal of your yard? These are the questions that you would most likely ponder on for a day or two. I believe that getting the services of an arborist may help you if you can’t answer these questions.

Many people failed to consider the right spacing for their trees and become guilty of indiscriminate planting. Unplanned planting of trees could result to a very crowded yard. Instead of these trees adding beauty to your yard, it will give the impression of chaos. Proper spacing is not only important with regard to the aesthetic aspect but it is also detrimental to your trees overall health condition. Proper spacing would allow your roots to grow normally thereby giving your tree the right amount of nutrition and minerals it needs to grow well.

Having that in mind, when you plant trees in your front or back yard, you have to consider the following tips.

1. Forty feet apart – for trees which most likely mature greater than sixty feet. Give it at least twenty-feet clearance from a building.

2. Thirty five feet apart – for trees which mature between thirty and sixty feet. Give a minimum of fifteen feet allowance from a building.

3. Fifteen feet apart – for trees which mature less than thirty feet. Give at least 10 feet space from a building,

4. Thirty feet clearance should be measured from the intersection, no less than ten feet from a utility pole and a minimum of fifteen feet from a driveway.

5. In no way should you plant a tree that grows over twenty feet tall under the power lines.

If you think that you are unsure about the proper spacing, seek professional help before you start with your landscaping works. It pays to be sure all the time.

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