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Spruce Trees for Sale

Colorado Blue Spruce

The most popular spruce tree is the blue spruce. It comes from the Colorado family and its correct name is the Colorado Blue Spruce. In fact Colorado spruce trees come in a range of colours from green to blue, and the industry categorizes them into three groups: blue, semi-blue and green. The three common spruce trees are Colorado spruce, Norway spruce and the Serbian spruce.

Spruce Tree Colorado

A beautiful Colorado Spruce tree


Norway spruce

Norway spruce trees are the ideal tree for landscaping because of their fast growth and beautiful ascending branch habit. They are native to Ontario and fit well with modern landscaping trends.

Spruce Tree Norway

A beautiful Norway spruce


Serbian spruce

Serbian spruce trees are a cross between the Norway and Colorado Blue Spruce. They have a beautiful blue Underside and retain the ascending branch habit of the Norway spruce. The Serbian spruce is also an ornamental tree but with natural shapes and qualities. Allowing it to be used for both ornamentation or privacy. Clients who visit our Ontario tree farm can see these beautiful trees growing and select them for their own landscape plan.

Spruce Tree Serbian

A group of beautiful Serbian spruce.


Come see our selection of spruce trees for sale at our beautiful Caledon tree farm. Call to make an appointment and visit to see our selection (905) 880 1828.

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