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The Top 12 Benefits of Trees to the Environment

Ever since I was a child, my teachers would always emphasize that trees are beneficial to the environment. I couldn’t remember anyone or any book ever written that speaks ill about planting trees. The advantages of having so many trees around always outnumber the possible disadvantages that one could ever think of.

I believe that there are countless benefits of trees to the environment but for this purpose, I want to cut it to at least twelve.

The Top 12 Benefits of Trees to the Environment1. It can fight the greenhouse effect
Trees have the ability to absorb carbon dioxide. It removes and stores the carbon and releases the oxygen back into the air. Studies have shown that in one year, an acre of mature trees can produce the amount of carbon dioxide produced when someone drives his or her car 26,000 miles in distance.

2. It can provide oxygen
Trees absorb carbon dioxide and releases clean oxygen. In a recent study, it was shown that an acre of mature trees can provide the right amount of oxygen for 18 people to survive.

3. It cools the surroundings
Trees provide a cool atmosphere as its leaves releases water vapor into the air providing a cooler atmosphere.

4. It cleans the air that we breathe
Trees have the capacity to absorb odors and pollutants such as ammonia, sulfur dioxide, ozone and nitrogen oxides. It filters the air and stores it on its leaves and bark.

5. It prevents soil from eroding
The roots of the trees are known to have properties that can hold the soil into place.

6. It shields the skin from harmful ultraviolet rays
Trees planted on playgrounds or around the campuses can shield the children from the ill effects of ultraviolet rays that cause skin cancer. Trees reduce UV-B exposure by up to fifty percent. Isn’t that amazing?

7. It saves energy
Trees can help in cooling our place in the summer thereby reducing the need to use the cooling system by up to fifty percent. It also prevents emission of other harmful gases from power plants.

8. It provides shadeThe Top 12 Benefits of Trees to the Environment
Trees can provide shade when the scourging heat of the sun strikes especially in summer.

9. It conserves water and prevents water pollution
Trees conserves water as it slows down water evaporation. It acts like a sponge that filters out the pollutants and prevent storm water from going to the ocean.

10. It produces renewable energy
Trees produce coal and wood that are undeniable good sources of renewable energy.

11. It marks the changes of the season
Trees mark the changes of the season. By mere looking at the coolers of the trees it indicates the season.

12. It adds beauty and color
Tall and colorful trees would definitely add beauty and color to the environment. It sets the mood and provides a good ambiance.

So what are you waiting for? Go to your backyard and plant a tree now.

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