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Tree Movers in Toronto

Caledon Treeland is your partner in central and southern Ontario tree relocating and planting. For trees that are too big for baskets, we use a truck mounted tree spade. As premier tree movers in Toronto, we can help you move a tree to another place on your property or to an entirely different location.

We Move Trees up to 25 Feet

Our specialized equipment can move up to a 25-foot tree. Before we start, we first have to determine if our large truck can get access to where you want your new tree. Just picture a cement truck driving around your property. If access is OK, then the next step is for you to contact Ontario One Call at 1-800-400-2255. The reason for this call is to locate any underground utilities like hydro and gas. Usually this free service will take up to a week.

Steps for Moving Big Trees


First we position our truck to where the new tree is going.


We begin to dig a receiving hole.


The hole is now ready to receive your new tree.


We arrive at our farm and start the process of digging your tree. The truck is positioned around the tree and then the spades dig into the ground.


Gently lifting your tree with root ball intact, your tree is placed on the truck ready for its new home.


We arrive at your property and position the truck at the location of the hole we previously dug.

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