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Tree Replanting Myths: How to Properly Care for Trees

People love to exchange tips about landscaping and gardening. Unfortunately, most “people” are not trained professionals and might be spreading fallacies and myths about how to keep trees healthy. To properly care for your trees, read more about the fallacies you might have unwittingly believed regarding planting trees:

Tree Replanting Myths: How to Properly Care for Trees

Myth #1: During planting, trees lose roots. You should balance this by cutting the top of the tree.

Trees need healthy branches and the leaves they hold. Removing the tree top reduces its ability to photosynthesize. By cutting a young tree you are adding to its overall stress, and it must work hard to recover. After a tree is well established, you can remove dead, diseased, or damaged wood.

Myth #2: Stake a newly planted tree to help trunk development and build its root system.

Staking is not always necessary. Trees have grown strong trunks and established stable root systems for millions of years without our assistance. Research has found unstaked trees often develop more extensive root systems. The wires or ties of staked trees can damage tree trunks. Get professional advice before staking a tree, and do so with care.

Should I Stake My Young Tree for Support?

Myth #3: Plant trees in soil rich with compost.

Trees can suffer when planted in soil that is different from their original soil. If the new soil is too rich, the roots may refuse to grow outside the planting hole and won’t be properly anchored. They may also grow upward and strangle the tree if planted in a soil that is too rich or too different from its original soil. An expert can perform tests and advise you how to create the best soil environment for your young tree.

Before planting, loosen up the roots to encourage growth.

Tree Replanting Myths: How to Properly Care for Trees

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