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Tree transplanting tips and cautions

Tree transplanting tips and cautionsTrying to understand how and when to transplant trees is critical to moving any tree or bush successfully. Transplanting trees, especially when they are mature, is not for the faint of heart. It pays to take the time to carefully plan out every aspect of the project. These tree transplanting tips and cautions can help you decide whether to do it yourself or hire a professional.

Tree Moving

The first step in tree moving is to pick the right time of year. Trees and shrubs always undergo a certain amount of shock when they are being transplanted. Choosing the right time of year to move can make the difference in whether or not the transplant will be successful. This is especially important if the tree is large or mature. Seedlings, shrubs and smaller trees can successfully be moved during the warm weather months.

Small trees can usually be easily moved by one or two people in an afternoon. The situation changes drastically if the tree is large. Generally, the larger the tree or the farther it has to be moved, the better it is to hire a professional.

Big tree transplanting

Big tree transplanting can be a challenge. Not only is it important to consider the time of year that the tree will be moved in, but the root system will need to be carefully wrapped for transit. The wrapping process may take two or more people.

Transportation isn’t as difficult as it is for large trees but some consideration needs to be made in advance. It will generally take several people to do successfully transplant the tree to its new home. Special equipment may be needed to facilitate a successful move and reduce shock to the tree or damage to the root system.

Home owners that are considering a do-it-yourself move should plan for a full day or more to complete the process.

Transplanting mature trees

There are no two ways about it. Transplanting mature trees takes the specialized labor and equipment that most homeowners do not have. This is the most difficult of all transplanting jobs. Heavy equipment may need to be brought in to lift the tree. Transportation planning is a must. It may require several people to carefully wrap the tree roots and prepare the tree for transplanting. The move may take homeowners several days to complete.

tree moving gtaTransplanting mature trees and big tree transplanting can be tricky unless you have access to experience and heavy equipment. Novices that try tree moving on their own can often make mistakes that can cost more money than hiring a pro. Inexperienced home owners can risk dropping trees, damaging nearby fences or causing other property damage when attempting a large-tree transplant. These reasons and more are often enough for a home owner to consult a professional.

No matter how many trees you are moving or how few, the pros at Caledon Treeland are here to help you tackle the project. Not only do they have the knowledge and equipment, but they have the experience and the ability to get the job done right. Home owners can relax by knowing that their tree move is in good hands.

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