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From a Tiny Seed: How Trees Affect the Air We Breathe

There are many reasons why people choose to plant trees near their homes and businesses. Some choose them for their natural beauty. Others plant trees for the shade they provide. While the aesthetic value of trees is indisputable, it is also important to note their benefits to the environment and the health of the people who inhabit the planet.


From a Tiny Seed: How Trees Affect the Air We Breathe

A large reason why trees are valuable is their function as the environment’s “lungs.” Trees absorb CO2 (carbon dioxide) — a greenhouse gas and factor in climate change. Trees recycle that gas by storing the carbon and releasing the oxygen. This provides much the air that we breathe. A single tree can absorb up to 48 pounds of CO2 in a year.

Cleaner Air

From a Tiny Seed: How Trees Affect the Air We Breathe

A tree acts as an air filter for the environment by filtering and absorbing pollutants through its leaves and bark.

Energy Saved

How to Save with Shade Trees

Planting trees around your home can reduce energy costs by blocking sunlight and providing shade. Trees also reduce temperature through transpiration, which releases moisture into the air. This process removes heat energy from the air. In the winter, trees serve as windbreakers for your home, and help reduce the cost of your heating bill.

Urban areas are naturally hotter than rural areas because of the presence of concrete, asphalt, gravel, and tall buildings. This heat is further amplified by lack of vegetation around a city, especially trees. Planting trees can significantly bring down the heat by breaking up “heat islands” that form in these urban areas.

Prevent Floods

From a Tiny Seed: How Trees Affect the Air We Breathe

Trees help prevent floods by soaking up runoff water and deflecting rainfall. When rain falls around trees, more moisture soaks into the soil, and contributes to groundwater. By absorbing the majority of the rainfall, the soil surrounding trees stops rainwater from running into other bodies of water and reduces flood risk.

Trees are an integral part of our daily living. From cleaning the air we breathe to providing cover from the elements, there is no end to their benefits. Get more information on how trees can improve your landscape and property value by calling Caledon Treeland at (905) 880-1828. We have all kinds of trees to complement the natural beauty of your home and surroundings.

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