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Top 5 Reasons Why Trees Wilt And Die Out

Reason #1: Natural Disasters

Top 5 Reasons Why Trees Wilt And Die Out

Natural disasters like drought, floods, tornadoes, strong winds and hurricanes can kill trees. A severe drought can kill even the hardiest of trees with a lack of water. No tree can survive without water for an extended period of time. A strong storm, tornado or hurricane can uproot a tree and that will be the end of its life. Natural disasters destroy countless trees every year and there is little you can do to prevent it.

Reason #2: Disease

Top 5 Reasons Why Trees Wilt And Die Out

As with humans, disease can injure, damage and even kill trees. Often part of a tree will die off due to disease, but the tree will survive. In some cases, a disease may destroy most or all of the tree thereby killing it. There are many kinds of tree diseases and some are more damaging than others. Some trees are more prone to certain diseases while others are more resistant. Like extreme weather, disease is a major killer of trees. Armillaria root disease and Dutch elm disease are examples of deadly tree diseases.

Reason #3: Pests

Top 5 Reasons Why Trees Wilt And Die Out

Many pests, especially insects, are responsible for wiping out large numbers of trees. Invasive insects brought over from other countries can be especially devastating to native trees who have not evolved to defend against them. A lack of predators in the environment could also be responsible for pests multiplying, attacking, and eventually killing trees. Many insect pests are a danger, including beetles, gall-making wasps, moths, leaf miners and borers. They eat the leaves and wood and dismantle tree limbs. In large numbers and over time these menaces can kill even the largest of trees. Deadly insect pests that have been identified as economic and environmental threats include the emerald ash borer and mountain pine beetle.

Reason #4: A Toxic Or Unsuitable Environment

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A toxic environment can cause trees to sicken and eventually die. For example, pesticides or dangerous chemicals leaked into the root soil will poison healthy trees. Many trees are sensitive to their environments. If the soil composition changes, trees can perish. If the soil becomes too acidic for a species that is used to moderately acidic soil, that tree will not be able to survive.

Reason #5: Old Age

Top 5 Reasons Why Trees Wilt And Die Out

As with people, trees only live for a certain period of time. Some have longer lifespans than others. For example, some trees can live for hundreds of years while some live a shorter period of time. Once a tree begins to wither due to old age, there is nothing that can be done to save it. It can no longer produce food effectively and that is why it is dying.

Replacing A Mature Tree

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The best way to replace a mature tree that has died due to a natural disaster, disease, pests, toxins or old age is to plant a new one in its place. If a tree begins to outgrow its surroundings your best bet to save the tree is to move it to a new environment with ample space. Caledon Treeland offers tree planting and tree moving services in the greater Toronto area. Call 905-880-1828 for more information and to set up an appointment.

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