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What is a fast growing shade tree and how can it add to your property?

Shade trees are a way to place natural beauty and functionality to any property. For large commercial properties shade trees are fast growing can be used by anyone.

What is a fast growing shade tree?

Most people think that having a shade tree means that you got lucky enough to move to a property that has oak trees that have been standing there for 100 plus years. That is a very fortunate thing to have–yes. But, if you’ve found your dream-home and want fast growing shade trees then there is a way to do that.

So, what is a fast growing shade tree?

What is a fast growing shade tree and how can it add to your property?

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There is not one type of fast growing shade tree but at least 7 of them. The Hybrid Poplar can grow a whopping 8 feet per year. The Arbor Day Foundation does recommend a variety or two of this tree because it’s less messy in the yard.

The Nuttall Oak is the fastest growing oak tree and great for the nature all around you. This oak variety is great for turkeys, deer and squirrels. This is due to the plentiful acorns that are found on the ground in large numbers.

Are you in support of the bee population that is becoming thinner and thinner each year and is one of the most ecologically important animals to our life here on earth? Then a Northern Catalpa is the tree for you. This shade tree fast growing provides big and beautiful flowers.

Mix and Match

Mixing and matching your fast growing shade trees with other fast growing shade trees will give you shade and exceptional beauty if it’s done right. For example, the flowering Northern Catalpa coupled with the rust colored, red and yellow leaves of the red maple that provide a great canopy all year. The combination of colored leaves, giant flowers and acorns make an environment that will be unique to many yards and gardens around you.

The importance of good advice- what is a fast growing shade tree

There is a method to planting and caring for these trees. It’s a task that should not be taken lightly or on your own. Having them professionally done by a company of arborists is essential. There are certain trees that can’t be coupled either together or with other plants, trees or shrubs on the property. You need to be able to place trees that are compatible to the other root systems. Caledon Treeland can help you place a lush garden of the right trees for your property. Call us today!

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