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Which Type of Trees is More Vulnerable to Climate Changes?

Which Type of Trees is More Vulnerable to Climate Changes?Climate change contributed to so many ills to our ecosystem. It is no secret that the earth gets warmer everyday and it has been a growing threat to all living things. As the global temperature heightens, the problems caused by droughts magnified causing so many problems and one of which is the death of our tall trees.

According to latest reports, old, big and tall trees are most susceptible to climate change. Applying Darcy’s law, the law that provides for the equation that describes the flow of water through a permeable membrane. The researchers analyzed the factors such as the height and leaf area of the plants to determine its vulnerability to climate changes. They found out that tall trees with large leaf area will most likely die because the water cannot effectively move through the plants. Taller trees have to excrete more moisture because of greater evaporation.

In the normal plant life process, the plants will open up the stomata, that part of the leaves holes which is responsible for the release of carbon during photosynthesis. A big amount of water in the plant is lost during the process. At the moment, the plants no longer open the stomata because of the increase in temperature causing the leaves to dry out. The bad effect is that it cannot photosynthesize causing the eventual death of the tree.

Applying the law that governs the equation of water flow in plants, it was found out that shorter plants have been proven to survive nature’s wrath. Shorter trees can survive continuous drought compared to tall trees.

Hence, if you are considering to plant long-term trees that are strong enough to withstand the changing atmospheric pressures, then consider the shorter ones. They mortality rate of short trees are relatively lower compared to the tall ones. This is something worth thinking about. Don’t you think so?

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