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Wintertime Landscaping With Evergreens

Wintertime Landscaping With Evergreens

Winter in Ontario means the onset of cold weather and trees shedding their leaves. Several conditions result from these changes. If your yard has trees that usually provide some privacy (but lose their leaves in winter), you might benefit from a natural evergreen privacy wall. Evergreens, the trees named for staying green year-round, don’t their colour or needles in the colder months!

Evergreens as Winter Privacy Walls

Wintertime Landscaping With Evergreens

Evergreen trees used as privacy fences allow homeowners to avoid bylaws restricting fence height. As a result, these natural privacy walls actually allow for more privacy than an ordinary man-made fence. An additional benefit is that they’re beautiful.

Additional Evergreen Perks

Packed with branches full of plush green needles, evergreens provide insulation. When walking through a heavily wooded area, the temperature is warmer than in a less dense, nearby field. Evergreens were made for winter weather, providing warmth to your yard by shielding wind. When planted strategically, these trees can keep your backyard warmer. Furthermore, evergreens act as habitats for wild song birds and squirrels. You’ll receive added enjoyment from observing Canadian wildlife in your own yard.

Evergreen Variations

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Depending upon your interest in a certain decorative aesthetic or trees that grow to a certain width or height, there are a variety of evergreens to choose. Evergreens come in a variety of shades, styles, and sizes. The classic White Spruce provides a traditional look. The striking Colorado Blue Spruce is intense in colour and medium in size. Other considerations include the Norway Spruce, Serbian Spruce, and the White Pine.

How To Choose The Right Evergreen for Your Yard

Keep Your Evergreen Trees Safe By Recognizing Common Tree Diseases

Don’t be overwhelmed by the variety of choices. Call Caledon Treeland at (905) 880-1828. Our knowledgeable staff can help you choose your evergreens and we can do the planting as well!

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