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All About The Norway Spruce

Norway spruce trees are popular for landscaping. They are easy to grow, and can be used as windbreaks and as a natural privacy screen. Below you will find interesting facts and uses for the Norway Spruce.

Facts About The Norway Spruce

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The Norway spruce arrived in the United States from Europe during the period of European exploration in the Americas. Its native habitat includes mountainous areas of Europe and Asia. It is an evergreen tree, meaning it does not shed its leaves in the fall. Norway spruces are one of the most rapid growing evergreen trees in the world. They can grow up to 90 cm in the first couple of years. The tree produces cones that contain seeds in late summer and early fall. Norway spruce cones are one the longest cones of any conifer tree. They are typically 10-15cm in length and are light brown in colour. Unfertilized Norway spruce cones point upward. After they become fertilized the cones point downward and eventually fall to the ground. The leaves or needles of the Norway spruce are dark green in colour and are typically a couple of centimetres long. The leaves feel squarish or flat when rolled between fingers.

Norway spruces are established all over the east coast of Canada and the United States growing as far south as North Carolina. They also grow in parts of the Midwest and in Ontario. Norway spruce can be planted in almost any soil type. They will take root and survive in acidic, sandy, clay, and even alkaline soil as long as the soil is well drained. The Norway spruce prefers direct sunlight, but will survive in shaded conditions. It is also considered to be drought tolerant. Norway spruces grow to a length of 30 to 60 metres in maturity and can spread up to 12 metres across. As the tree grows larger, its leaves may begin to droop downward and it may have a sloppy appearance.

Uses Of The Norway Spruce

Due to its thick, dense foliage, fast growth, and rapid spreading the Norway spruce is often used in residential landscaping to create a natural privacy screen that uses the trees as cover instead of a fence. It is also commonly used to create windbreaks because it is so sturdy and its thick foliage will serve to break up winds from blowing into a yard, pool or patio area. Another use of the Norway spruce is land reforestation. Its rapid growth, hardiness, adaptability and ability to compete well with grasses and weeds has made it the tree of choice to reforest fields.

Norway Spruce Trees For Sale In The Greater Toronto Area

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