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Colorado Blue Spruce: Your BEST Landscaping Focal Point?

Colorado Blue Spruce: Your BEST Landscaping Focal Point?You’ve seen them, those beautiful blue-green evergreen trees that appear equally as pleasing in the summer sun as they do in the winter snow. The Colorado Blue Spruce, sometimes referred to simply as Blue Spruce, is possibly your best option for creating a fail-proof focal point in your landscaping. Native to the Rocky Mountains, these iconic trees are often used for Christmas trees. They require moderate care and in the home landscape setting often live between 40 – 60 years. You can use the Spruce in the center of a grouping of plain green trees to add depth and texture. They are also perfect for creating a dramatic entrance.


This stunning tree has stiff blue to blue-green needled foliage. These needles are approximately 2.5 to 4 cm in length. As an evergreen, the tree keeps it color all year. The Spruce grows in a columnar, pyramidal shape. In natural settings, it will grow to reach 15 to 22 meters in height and 3 to 6 meters wide.

Sun and Soil

This tree requires full sun, so at least 6 hours of direct sunlight per day, for optimal health and growth. It adapts well to many soils. It grows in acidic, loamy, moist, rich, sandy, well-drained and clay soils. It’s moisture needs are moderate.

Care and Maintenance

These trees are relatively easy to care for and a healthy specimen will avoid and overcome most potential diseases. If your tree receives the required sunlight and has moist, well-drained soil you are well on your way to providing most of its care. Pruning is not necessary if you wish to enjoy the natural shape of these trees. However, it may sometimes be needed to remove dead branches or thin branches to allow more air and sunlight. Prune these trees in late winter or early spring before new growth begins.

Colorado Blue Spruce: Your BEST Landscaping Focal Point?

Pests and Disease

A few potential pest problems exist, such as spider mites or pine needle weevils. Spider mites are not easily detected by the human eye, but you might see their movement. They sometimes leave a silky web behind. Predatory mites can be purchased from garden supply retailers to help combat the spider mite presence. For more severe infestations, avoid harsh chemical pesticides as these will largely backfire and cause a higher infestation rate. For pine needle weevils, pruning back infested areas is the only effective treatment. Fungus may cause a common blue spruce disease called needlecast. This may cause needle discoloration and falling needles.

The Colorado Blue Spruce may indeed be your best option for creating a landscaping focal point that will bring beauty and add interest for years to come. Purchasing healthy trees from reputable companies will ensure you will enjoy your trees for years to come. Call 905-880-1828 for Caledon Treeland.

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