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Five Factors to Consider Before Landscaping

Some say “home is where the heart is.” Naturally, we love to make our home look as pleasing as possible; inside and out. Landscape projects are not something that take place overnight; it is a huge commitment, depending upon how “high maintenance” the design is. Here are some things to consider before landscaping your property:

Five Factors to Consider Before Landscaping


Landscaping requires commitment. Keep in mind there is no “fast-forward” button when it comes to planting and maintaining gardens and landscapes. Beautiful yards require patience and time.


Climate, wind direction, sunny and shady areas, and other key points can affect your landscaping. Map out which areas need work, areas that do not need to be touched, and figure out which supplies you might need.


Determine a theme for your landscape. It can reflect your personality and unify the garden. By knowing what you want, you can determine a budget and make a plan for planting.


A gardening zone is a defined zone in which specifically categorized plants can thrive. The act of hydrozoning is clustering plants with similar water requirements. Make sure your climate can support the plants you choose.


Think about the future of your plants. Consider their growth rate and any long-time maintenance they may require. Allow room to grow before plants mature.

Five Factors to Consider Before Landscaping

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