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The Unique History of Christmas Trees in Canada

The Unique History of Christmas Trees in Canada

The fresh aroma of pine trees is as distinctive a Christmastime smell as the scent of fresh-baked cookies or hot spiced cider. The spicy evergreen scent has been a part of midwinter festivities since Roman times, but the traditions we enjoy are more recent.

The History of the the Christmas Tree

The Unique History of Christmas Trees in Canada

The first documented Christmas tree in Canada dates from 1781 when Baroness Riedesel decorated an evergreen tree at a Christmas Eve party. After being released from captivity in New York, she was celebrating the season (in traditional German fashion). While much admired at this time, the Christmas tree did not become common until almost a century later. In 1848, The Illustrated London News published a woodcut of the royal family with a decorated Christmas tree. After that, the tradition spread rapidly through the Empire and United States.

As time passed ornaments evolved from nuts, fruits and candles to glass baubles and electric light, but the evergreen tree remained a constant, central figure in celebrations. The living green, bright colors and lights all contribute to brighten a dark time of year. As outside light fades, symbols of life and festivity are especially welcome.

The Christmas Tree Today

The Unique History of Christmas Trees in Canada

The brightly lit tree remains a central symbol of Christmas. Although some people choose an artificial tree, the scent of a fresh tree cannot be duplicated. Additionally, living Christmas trees, cut or potted, support family farms and the environment. Live trees reduce carbon in the atmosphere. Cut trees can be recycled into mulch, and potted trees can be planted to beautify the landscape. When you smell and see a beautifully decorated pine tree or evergreen, you can be assured the beauty is more than bark deep.

Local Trees


The freshest, healthiest Christmas trees are locally grown trees. A tree that has suffered a long journey will have experienced more stress and look less joyful in your home. A local, potted tree will have the greatest success when transplanted because a reputable nursery will have pine trees for sale which are most successful in your local environment. They will have pine trees for sale which are not susceptible to local diseases.

Caledon Treeland offers white pines for sale because they are not prone to disease, unlike other Ontario pines. Visit our nursery or tree farm for maple or pine trees for sale, as well as other landscaping ideas. Trees beautify the home, whether they are decorated for Christmas or nestled in snow on the landscape. Contact us this holiday season to view our trees for sale.

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