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Four Easy Ways to Identify a Native Canadian Maple

The Canadian Maple

If you’re looking for maple trees for sale, it’s important to understand the basics about what makes a maple tree different from other trees, and to take these facts into account before making a purchase. Luckily, we have four of the most important factors listed for easy review.

1. Leaves

Four Easy Ways to Identify a Native Canadian Maple

The leaves of the Canadian maple tree are exceptionally unique, characterized by three broad points and ragged edges. The leaves of the maple tend to turn a brilliant deep crimson in the fall and maintain a bright, vibrant green for the rest of the year. A stylized image of the maple leaf appears on the Canadian flag, serving as an excellent guide for the layman looking to identify a maple with little knowledge.

2. Syrup and Sugar

Maple Syrup: Discovering a Delicious Delight

Maple trees, specifically the sugar and red maple varieties, are the main suppliers of Canada’s syrup exports. As a result of the natural processes that leads to the creation of maple syrup, maples tend to be very sappy. They can be an enjoyable source of both decoration and maple syrup for the dedicated enthusiast. Additionally, the sap of a maple tree can be rendered down into sugar, giving you two different products you can make at home as a result of beautifying your landscape.

3. Their Fruit

Four Easy Ways to Identify a Native Canadian Maple

Maple trees have a very distinctive fruit, the samara, which has often been likened to a whirlybird, or helicopter, due to the distinctive flattened wing shape. Where you find collections of softly fluttering samaras, you are will undoubtedly find maple trees. It certainly adds to the autumnal ambience to see them softly streaming down from the branches above.

4. Their Natural Predators

The Pollination Mechanism of the Maple Tree

Maples have an unfortunately long list of predators and pests, and it’s important to be aware of the health risks for the tree species before committing to putting one in your yard. Maples are popular targets for both aphids and butterflies, as well as being susceptible to infestations by the Asian long-horned beetle. Additionally, there are a variety of fungi that can affect the health of a maple, including verticillium and cryptostroma.

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If you’re looking for maple trees for sale, and aren’t sure where to start, Caledon Treeland is ready to help. Specializing in a variety of trees but especially maple, we’re ready and willing to help you find the tree that will help perfect your yard or landscape. If you’d like to know more, we can be reached by phone 905-880-1828 or by email at

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