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Landscaping Tips and Tricks for your Tight Budget

Landscaping Tips and Tricks for your Tight BudgetThere are times when the things that you envision don’t seem to jibe with what you have in your purse. I am pretty sure that you imagined so many landscaping designs in your head however; you can’t help but worry about the cost. If you cannot afford the services of a designer, then I guess it’s high time for you to uncover the secrets of some famous landscapers on how to give your surroundings a make-over without hurting your pocket.

I have read so many architectural landscaping books and from what I have learned, I gathered, combined and accumulated the thoughts of these landscaping authorities and came up with five major tricks and tips.

First, play with colors. Consider the different seasons. Choose trees and shrubs that give vibrant colors, textures and fragrance every season. For instance, the leaves of a tree that would display the changing of colors in autumn and enchanting branches come winter. You can use one or two dominant colors and pick some of your favorites randomly.

Second, observe proper sizing and scaling. Size trees and scrubs and plant them in the right scale to make sure that they don’t block the facade of your home. An oak tree may be good for a large two-story house but for a bungalow it may not seem to match.

Third, make your lawn green. A green and well-maintained lawn would highlight the other plants, trees and shrubs surrounding it.

Fourth, don’t block the light. Make sure that the sun can get through your newly landscaped garden. Trust me; it exposes the natural beauty of everything around it.

Fifth, don’t overdo it, the simpler the better. If there is one thing you should consider, it is designing your place according to your taste. It will not only make you happy but it will also make things easy. You can always adjust your budget accordingly. Awaken the artistic side in you and let it surprise you.

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