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Maples for sale

There are many different types of maple trees. At Caledon Treeland we offer the following: Autumn blaze maple, crimson king, sugar maple and Canadian Red Maple (acer rubrum). The beautiful acer rubrum (Canadian Red maple) is green all year and then turns a beautiful red in the fall. Canada’s premier tree is considered to be the sugar maple.

Maple trees look beautiful in the fall and are a great source of shade!

Maples transplant easily and show very little setback. They are a great choice for your landscape, giving good form and colour.

Maple Tree for Sale - Caledon Treeland

A beautiful sugar maple tree

Autumn Blaze

This type of maple, grown on our Ontario tree farm, turns a beautiful ruby red colour in the fall. Autumn blaze maple trees have all the great characteristics of maples: full colour and good branch structure.

Sugar maples

Sugar maples are Canada’s premium tree due to their brilliant fall colour. Their gorgeous red and yellow colour scheme makes them an immensely popular tree. We have grown sugar maples at our family farm since 1989. Sugar maples are native to Canada. They will brighten up your landscape wonderfully.

Crimson King Maples

The stately red maple makes a great addition to your property. Our tree nursery grows Crimson King Maples right here in the GTA.

Canadian Red Maple

The Canadian Red maple turns a beautiful red colour during the fall and remains green for the rest of the year. This tree’s technical name is acer rubrum. The Canadian Red Maple has a great branch structure and remains round and full.

Come see our selection of maple trees for sale at our beautiful Caledon tree farm. Call to make an appointment and visit to see our selection (905) 880 1828.

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