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Pine Trees Around Christmas: Get a Clue about Conifers

1. Prepare a Proper Pine Tree for Christmas Decor

Pine Trees Around Christmas: Get a Clue about Conifers

If you grow your own Christmas tree, it is important to shear the pine. Without shearing the tree, the pine tree ultimately will spread far too wide to use effectively as a place for lights and ornaments in your home. When you shear the tree, the inner area may seem too dense for some larger ornaments. Therefore, shear the tree carefully to ensure it fits in its proper space yet still accommodates the ornaments that bring back memories and brighten the room.

2. Pine trees retain their needles

Pine Trees Around Christmas: Get a Clue about Conifers

Everyone has been to someone’s home during the holiday season and seen evidence of a tree all over the house. Shedding needles is one of the most challenging parts of owning a Christmas tree. They wind up in your hair, attached to furniture, sticking out of the hair of pets, and, most unpleasantly, as splinters in your feet or under your nails. Unlike other Christmas tree options, pine trees retain their needles very well. If you do adequate watering, it is unlikely there will be many needles to clean up after your celebration.

3. Pine trees are hypoallergenic

Pine Trees Around Christmas: Get a Clue about Conifers

Many people struggle with allergies. As a good rule of thumb, the more you can smell a tree, the worse it will set off allergies. Pine trees generate very little aroma, so family members and friends with allergies are unlikely to struggle with pine trees. This makes it a good species to select for your holiday home.

4. Branches are strong

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Everyone has some experience placing ornaments on trees only to watch the branches snap and valuable ornaments fall to the floor and shatter. That shouldn’t happen with pine trees. The branches are very strong and will keep your precious ornaments from breaking. Better yet, make use of the needles on the branches and place these through ornaments to provide some extra support. Not only will the branches hold the ornaments, they will prevent pesky pets from trying to knock the ornaments off of the tree. Protect your ornaments with the strength of a pine Christmas tree.

For these reasons and many others, pine trees are a fantastic holiday choice. If you’re looking for the best pine trees the area has to offer, contact us at Caledon Treeland! We stock the highest quality pine trees for sale and guarantee your satisfaction. Call us today at 905-880-1828.

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