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Seasonal Benefits to Planting Shade Trees

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Planting trees for shade is an old concept. Given climate change and emission of greenhouse gases, though, having a tree canopy is more important than ever. People who live near trees benefit from cleaner air and increased atmospheric moisture. Trees help prevent soil erosion and reduce the intensity of noise pollution. Shade trees near a home increase property value and give a positive vibe. They provide many seasonal benefits as well.

Reduced Summer Sunshine

Five Things to Consider When Landscaping with Trees

During the summer, shade trees prevent direct sunlight onto rooftops and walls. Need for air conditioning is reduced up to 35% during the warmer months and hydro bills are lower. Less use of fossil fuels for the generation of energy translates into reduced carbon monoxide emissions. Shade trees in a backyard, patio, and garden provide privacy to the home and surroundings.

Winter Warmth

Wintertime Landscaping With Evergreens

Deciduous trees (such as maple tree varieties, Shademaster Honey Locust, or Greenspire Linden), provide different benefits during the winter. After the leaves fall, sunlight hits your home around the branches of trees and warms the roof. This reduces heating bills.

Winter Windbreaks

Rows of trees on the sides of properties serve as windbreaks during the winter. They reduce snow accumulation near the home and reduce energy requirements inside. Additionally, trees reduce the speed of wind prevent damage to the property throughout all the seasons.

Planting shade trees provides numerous property benefits and creates a hygienic and healthier environment around us. Caledon Treeland offers different varieties of shade trees and professional planting services. If you want to reap the benefits of shade trees, call us at (905) 880-1828 to improve your home life and help the planet at the same time.

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