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What Tree Should it Be?

What Tree Should it Be?When planting trees, you shouldn’t only consider the types of trees you want, there are lots of other things that you need to think about, one of which is the type of trees that are suitable to the size and shape of your lawn and the climate. Whether you live in the city and your issue is space or in a rural area where the changing weather conditions are a constant problem, these conditions will affect what you can plant successfully.

It is always good to breathe life into your garden with the right trees. Knowing what species of tree that fits, not only your location, but your needs and climate as well, will make a big difference in planning your garden and keep you from having to cut down a dead, dying or simply unusable tree in a year or two. So you have to do your homework and ask questions.

Depending on exactly where you live will change things. Living in the middle of Toronto with a small yard, generally means you have warmer weather thanks to the surrounding buildings, but less space to grow a tree. Out in the suburbs you have more room, but winds can be stronger, and the winters are usually colder. Each place even though they’re fairly close to each other calls for different trees.

Fortunately there are many trees that you can choose from, and are readily available if you shop around a little. However, three of my top favorites are as follows:

· Red Maple

The leaves of the Red maple tree are simply picture perfect. It is medium-sized and the color of its bark has a pleasant look and feel. This tree is usually found in the central and southern part of Ontario.

· White Ash

The white ash is one of the largest in the ash tree species. Its diamond-patterned bark is uniquely identifiable, and its reddish-purple color in fall looks fascinating. This tree is most common in the northern part of Ontario and other parts of Canada.

· Trembling Aspen

A trembling aspen has some wonderful foliage throughout every season, except winter. The leaves will turn bright gold in autumn. The white bark only adds to its overall attractiveness.

But don’t just take my word for what trees to choose, you have to put in a little effort to make sure you get the best possible tree for your yard.

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