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Wrapping Trees for Winter Weather

Winter can be rough on everyone — trees and shrubs are no exception. The health of trees is threatened by freezing temperatures. Frost can easily damage plant cells (and new growth) before they’ve become strong enough to withstand cold weather. Snow and ice can also damage branches. One way to protect your trees from frigid weather is to wrap them:


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A tree wrap can protect against frost, sunscald, and strong winds. Not all trees require wrapping; many perennial trees are hardy enough to withstand sub-zero temperatures. Focus your efforts on younger, less hardy plants with thin bark. They are more susceptible to damage. Plants near heavily salted sidewalks and roads are also vulnerable.

The way to wrap:


Wrapping Trees for Winter Weather

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Plant wooden posts or stakes around the corners of the plant. Keep equal space between each stake. Using a double-layered piece of burlap (a woven fiber made into a type of “fabric”), wrap a long piece of burlap around those stakes. Spread it above and around the tree without touching it. Wrapping directly on needles or foliage can cause mould problems in a warmer winter.

Protect your trees and shrubs for frigid winter weather. If you need help, call a tree expert. They can advise you how to best support your landscaping so plants can thrive come springtime.

Wrap your trees before the winter weather becomes severe. For help protecting your trees this winter, contact Caledon Treeland at (905) 880-1828.

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